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hungry? let's eat. kain na.


Ate's is a filipino food project making its way through nashville and middle tennessee.

Ate's opened in late 2015 and can be found at festivals, through pop-ups in the greater Nashville area, and at the Nashville Farmers Market [we're the first Filipino joint to be residents at their Grow Local Kitchen!].

Though Filipino food isn't as widely known, there is a growing #FilipinoFoodMovement happening across the country. At Ate's, you'll find a combo of Filipino, Hawai'ian, Japanese, Korean, and Mexican influences, all crafted with regionally sourced ingredients and lots of love. 

We are all about community, which is why we love partnering with folks [like Mestiza Kitchen] and why we give 10-50% of what we make at select events to different non-profits in the community. 

We hope this approach to food offers a space to gather for conversation and learn about the people and places where these foods were birthed.

Why the name? In Filipino, Ate means older sister, and it's pronounced ah-teh. I'm ate to two younger sisters, so there you go. 





Nashville, TN + Middle TN

highlighted events


Pop-up @ Nashville Farmers Market

More info, here.


Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival

Centennial Park, Nashville

{9/22} Island Vibes: Friday Night Supper Club

Benefitting Justice for Our Neighbors


Please note this is a sample menu of our offerings.

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