Nashville Farmers' Market Menu for May

Calamansi garlic shrimp $9

Shrimp seasoned with calamansi and garlic, served with steamed rice and grilled pineapple. [Gluten Free]

Chicken adobo in coconut milk $9

Chicken marinated in soy, garlic, cane vinegar, and slow cooked in coconut milk. Served with steamed rice. [Gluten Free]

Kalua pig or spam sliders $3 each

Pork slow cooked in banana leaves and seasoned with Hawai’ian salt. Served on a sweet Hawai'ian roll, with a cabbage, kale, and pineapple slaw. 

Lumpia [$3]

Ground turkey, scallions and seasoning, wrapped and fried. 

Turon $2

Banana and jackfruit covered in brown sugar, wrapped and fried.